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Attachment files don't upload from the browser


During a compose or reply, attachment files are selected from the local computer and an upload starts, but the files aren't attached to the current message. No error message is given.


This is usually caused by the web server rejecting a file upload for being too large. This is controlled by several configuration values.

After making these changes, restart your web server application.


In the php.ini file:

  • The file_uploads setting should be On.

  • upload_max_filesize should be large enough to accommodate the largest size of any individual file to be uploaded.

  • post_max_size should be large enough to accommodate the combined size of all concurrently uploaded files.



  • The client_max_body_size setting should be set to the same size as post_max_size from the PHP section above.

  • You may also want to increase client_body_timeout for slower connections or very large uploads.


  • If you have a LimitRequestBody directive in php.conf you may need to increase this limit.


  • In IIS Manager, enter the Configuration Editor, navigate to Security, then requestFiltering, and increase maxAllowedContentLength to the post_max_size from the PHP section above.

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