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Integrating Facebook comments with knowledgebase articles in the Support Center


Facebook provides a Comments Box plugin that allows visitors to leave comments on your site using their Facebook account. A commenter has the option of sharing the comment on their wall, which links to your content so that other people in their network can discover you.


Create a Facebook app for your Support Center

While creating a Facebook App for your Support Center is not strictly required, doing so gives you an easier way to designate moderators and manage comments. If you already have a Facebook App that you'd like to use you can skip ahead.

If you need to create a new Facebook App:

  1. Visit and log in if necessary.
  2. Click the Create New App button.
  3. Enter the requested information. The majority of the settings won't matter for the purpose of enabling comments in your Support Center's knowledgebase.
  4. Once complete, you'll be given an Application ID. Make a note of this number since you will need it below.

Modifying your Support Center with custom templates

  1. Click Setup on the right of the global navigation menu.
  2. Click the Community Portals menu and select Configure.
  3. Click on the Support Center where you want to enable comments using Facebook.
  4. Select the Custom Templates tab.

First we need to add your Facebook App ID to the META headers of your Support Center. This instructs Facebook that you are the administrator of the site for moderation and configuration purposes.

  1. Click the Add Custom Template button.
  2. Select the template [cerberusweb.support_center] support_center/index.tpl and click Save Changes.

Below the line <HEAD>, insert:

<meta property="fb:app_id" content="{YOUR_APPLICATION_ID}"/>

Replace {YOUR_APPLICATION_ID} with your Facebook App's ID. This information is available from

Click the Save Changes button.

Now we need to add the comment box below the content of each knowledgebase article:

  1. Click Add Custom Template button.
  2. Select template: [cerberusweb.kb] support_center/kb/article.tpl and click Save Changes.

At the very bottom of the template, right above the last line of </div>, insert:

<div id="fb-root"></div>  
<script src=""></script>  

Click the Save Changes button.

Test it!

Browse to an article in your Support Center's knowledgebase. You should now see a Facebook comment box; just like the one at the bottom of this article.

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