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Customizing the Support Center logo and color scheme


The default Support Center uses the Cerberus Helpdesk logo and a fairly plain color scheme. Most administrators will want to change the logo used, and many will also want to change the color scheme to match the corporate / institutional colors. This article will show you how to do both of those.

Modifying your Support Center with custom templates

  1. Click Setup on the right of the global navigation menu.
  2. Click the Configure menu and select Community Portals.
  3. Click on the Support Center that you would like to edit.
  4. Select the Custom Templates tab.

Changing the default logo

  1. Click the Add Custom Template button.
  2. Select the template [cerberusweb.support_center] support_center/header.tpl and click Save Changes.

The second line reads, in part:


Replace the contents of the image src property with a link to your corporate / institutional logo, like:


Click the Save Changes button.

Changing the color scheme

  1. Click Add Custom Template button.
  2. Select template: [cerberusweb.support_center] support_center/style.css.tpl and click Save Changes.

You can edit any of the CSS styles of the support center here, but as an example, we'll change the H1 tag from blue to green.

First, find the section that says:

H1 {
    color: rgb(8,90,173);

and then edit the color to:

    color: rgb(0,120,0);

Click the Save Changes button.

Test it!

Browse to your Support Center. You should now see your new logo and color scheme.

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