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Adding Contact Situations to the Support Center


The Support Center community portal by default does not have any Contact Situations configured. This article will walk you through the process of adding a couple situations to your Support Center.


For this article we will assume you have already added a Support Center under the Community Portals tab in Setup.

Configuring the Support Center

  1. Click Setup on the right of the global navigation menu.

  2. Click the Community Portals menu and select Configure.

  3. Click on the Support Center that you would like to edit.

Making sure you have the Contact Us Module enabled

  1. After entering into the Support Center profile, scroll down to the section called Modules

  2. Make sure that the Module that says Contact Us is set for either Everyone, or Logged in.

  3. If you have not enabled any Modules before, any that you set to Everyone or Logged in will appear automatically as you enable them.

Adding a Contact Situation

  1. Proceed to the section that says Contact Us

  2. You will notice several options here including: Allow users to provide their own ticket subjects, Allow Attachments from:, and CAPTCHA:. You may set these as you feel is necessary for your company. In our use case here we will leave everything set to the default settings.

  3. Click on Add New Situation

  4. Make sure that the Status is set to Visible

  5. Enter in a Reason for contacting. This also acts as the subject of the message.

  6. Enter in a Deliver to: Address. Make sure this address is an address that is in your Cerb5 installation. If you leave it blank, the e-mail address entered will be your default Reply-To address as set in your helpdesk.

  7. You may also choose to enter in subsequent Follow-up questions if you wish (as shown here).

Click the Save Changes button to save the configuration.

Test it!

  1. If you have your index.php file already deployed on your server, your changes will automatically be applied (you do not need to re-deploy the index.php file to have the changes take effect).

  2. Go to the Contact Us tab in your Support Center.

  3. Select one of the newly created Contact Situations and there you go!

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